Monday, March 14, 2016

Tech savvy ways diners pay for their meals

If you are a tech savvy diner, then you might already be using your smartphone to get the food you want when you get hungry. Today's diners are ordering food for pickup, having meals delivered, making reservations, and now for paying at the table. 

Tableside kiosks
Rezku app

You might have dined recently at a major restaurant chain and been surprised to find a tablet device mounted right at the table. Larger chains such as Applebee's, Chili's, and Chevy's have all tried tablets at tables but are now pulling away from them. Table tablets let the customer view their bill, swipe their credit card to pay, and then leave without having to wait for a server. While still viable, many restaurants are seeing the savings of letting customers use their own smartphones versus the restaurant paying for table tablets. 

Pay-at-table apps

What is becoming even more popular among consumers are the PAT apps. There's been an onslaught of them on the market recently.  Most of these apps store the customers' credit cards within the app itself.

Again, there are variations. One method is via reservation apps. A customer makes a reservation at a restaurant that is served by the reservation app. They arrive, dine, and then get up and leave. These apps most often have a default gratuity set in them of 15-25% so that the tipping is automatic as well. There are also walk-in apps where a customer doesn't need a reservation, they can just go to a restaurant that accepts the app. 

Another variation is via credit card or payment service applications themselves. Some provide that the customer must make their presence known to the restaurant and let them know that they will be paying via the app, while others use beacon technology where a beacon at the entrance recognizes your phone immediately and notifies the establishment.

The Rezku app does all the above. It allows you to search for restaurants in your area, make reservations, and pay at table. It recognizes the diner via scheduled reservations as well as using beacon technology. All of this is taking place on the diner's smartphone. 

What is clear is that Pay-at-table is becoming more popular and one of the technology trends that appears to be sticking. For the diner technology means a matter of convenience and with the Rezku app you get searching, reservations, and payment all in one. 

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