Monday, January 18, 2016

The Rezku smartphone app - find and reserve restaurants

Every day consumers download apps to their smartphones. Some they use regularly and are kept. Some are tried out and then uninstalled. The most successful smartphone apps for businesses need to do several things in order to keep and attract users. 

For customers the app needs to accomplish two things. It needs to be both beautiful and functional. The app has to be attractive so that it looks like it took time and thought to lay out versus something thrown quickly together. Once it's grabbed attention by sight, it needs to follow through with functionality. Is it intuitive and easy to navigate? Can people find what it is they are looking for?

We believe the new Rezku app does both. 

The new Rezku app is a new restaurant search app that covers restaurants across the United States. It works based on your location, but you can also change locations to search in other cities. You can also search by cuisine, such as Chinese or Southern. Restaurants that take reservations using the app are always at the top.

Once you've selected a restaurant you can delve into the profile. Each profile has photos of food or the restaurant if they are available. The address, map, phone number are easy to find. Scroll down and you will find all the amenities such as cuisine, hours, parking information, etc. Finally, there is the ability to make reservations for certain restaurants.

You can tell if a restaurant is currently open by the background picture on their listing. Looking above, Plan B is dark because it was closed at the time of this screen shot. But Fabian's was open. 

Another feature for those restaurants that have the reservation feature is the waitlist time. If a customer is put on the waitlist with a quote of 20 minutes (as in the photos above), then the app shows a countdown clock on the app, giving you the ability to take a walk or go shopping until closer to your wait time. 

We already have future updates in mind to make the app more interactive. Stay tuned! 

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